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Woman sitting in front of laptop with head in hands to illustrate depression

Molecular Link Tied to Depression in Women

Regulator of G-protein signaling 2 (RGS2) was downregulated in stressed female mice and women with major depressive disorder. Overexpression of the protein restored social approach in stressed mice.
Woman sitting in front of laptop with head in hands to illustrate depression

Pharmacogenetic Testing Could Improve Outcomes for Patients with Depression

A randomized controlled trial in patients with depression shows pharmacogenetic testing prior to treatment prescription could help some patients achieve better outcomes.
Glowing Brain Slice Over Blue Background. Concept For Neurological Diseases, Tumors And Brain Surgery

Mapping the Effects of Magnetic Stimulation Could Predict Depression Outcomes

Large-scale changes in functional connectivity in the brain occur in patients with treatment-resistant depression administered targeted magnetic stimulation, which researchers believe could help predict treatment response.
Coronary artery disease (CAD)

Mouse Model Uncovers Links Between Depression, Stress, and Heart Disease

A new mouse model shows links between depression, prolonged and severe stress, and an increase heart disease risk and response to lipid-lowering drugs.
Worried father comforts ill son

Genetic Links Found to Childhood Anxiety and Depression

Hereditary factors are partly responsible for childhood anxiety and depression according to the largest study of its kind in the world that looked at genetics from more than 65,000 children.

New GWAS Evidence Linking Depression and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease has long been linked to depression, but now a new study identifies common genetic factors in both conditions.
Illustration of woman's head showing front part of brain lit up to symbolize problems in the prefrontal cortex

Early-Stage Research Uncovers Female Specific Biomarker for Depression

Through research done mostly in a mouse model, Canadian scientists have identified a biomarker, soluble E-selectin, that could be used to test whether women, but not men, have neurovascular signs of depression.
Woman sitting in front of laptop with head in hands to illustrate depression

New Biomarker Found for Depression and Antidepressant Response

Researchers have developed a test that can not only indicate the presence of depression, but it can also indicate therapeutic response with a single biomarker called adenylyl cyclase.
3D rendering representing interaction between brain neurons

Breakthrough Precision Treatment for Major Depression Announced

The success of this proof-of-principle study rests on the researchers’ discovery of a specific pattern of brain activity that indicates the onset of symptoms (a neural biomarker) in the patient, and their customizing the deep brain stimulation device to trigger a response selectively when it detects the pattern that constitutes the biomarker.
DNA strand

Emory Study Identifies Genes and Proteins Linked to Depression

A new approach developed at Emory University School of Medicine combines genome-wide association study data with human brain proteomic data and has identified 19 genes and 25 brain proteins that could cause depression.


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