Regeneron, Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine Enter Broad Genetics Research Collaboration

Genomic data will be paired with de-identified health records from CCPM to aid in genomic medicine, drug discovery, and personalized medicine approaches, which the partners foresee enabling precision medicine.
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Cell Sequencing of Fetal Gut Tissue Reveals Crohn’s Disease Development Pathways

The researchers also found that lab-grown “mini-guts” undergo individual cellular changes similar to those inside a developing fetus, which implies that lab-grown models represent an accurate tool for future research into very early gut development and associated diseases.
Oxford Nanopore

Oxford Nanopore Attracts $66M Equity Investment from Amgen

Latest financing for sequencing tech developer reflects biotech giant's strategic focus on using human genetics to develop new treatments
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ALS Pathology May Be Explained by Loss of Function in Key Gene

Researchers reported the generation and characterization of a stable C9orf72 loss-of-function (LOF) model in the zebrafish, and showed that reduced C9orf72 function leads to motor defects, muscle atrophy, motor neuron loss, and mortality in early larval and adult stages. 
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NIH Earmarks $55M for Personalized Medicine Initiative; FDA Publishes Draft Guidance on Use of...

NIH awards will help build data infrastructure, support patient recruitment, while FDA guidance offers insight into planned IVD regulations.

Iceni Diagnostics Eyes Fall Release of At-Home Coronavirus Test

While the test, which exploits glycan biology to detect current infection with SARS-CoV-2 is undergoing clinical assessment, the company is working in parallel to ensure that mass production can be rolled out once validation is completed.
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Consortium Explores the Genetics Underlying Tourette Syndrome

Researchers find that Tourette syndrome, like autism, is the result of multiple gene mutations, with about 400 risk genes identified.
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International Consortium Launched to Advance Phenomics in Healthcare

The International Phenome Centre Network aims to establish a harmonized and validated scientific approach for phenomic studies worldwide.
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Cancer Genetics to Pay $12M for vivoPharm

The purchase expands CGI's presence in Europe and Australia while strengthening its oncology drug development and clinical trails testing.

AI-Generated Cancer Treatment Plans Better, Faster—But Yet to be Validated in Patient Settings

AI has the potential to make creating radiation cancer treatment plans better and faster, but researchers caution that AI-based systems must be validated in a clinical setting.