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Proteins Point the Way to Precision Treatments for Medulloblastoma in Children

This research is reportedly the first to create a new workflow for neoantigen identification that incorporates both genetic sequencing and protein identification to create a personalized treatment for medulloblastoma in children.
The Parsortix CTC isolation system.

Case Study: Enabling a Paradigm Shift in Precision Medicine

In 1971, President Nixon signed the National Cancer Act, declaring a War Against Cancer. Over the past 30 years, there has been an explosion...

Keck Researchers Detail the Mechanisms of Medulloblastoma Metastasis

The research showed that an enzyme called GABA transaminase, abbreviated as ABAT, aids metastases in surviving around the brain and spinal cord and in resisting treatment.
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FDA Issues Two Key ASO-Related Guidances for N-of-1 Trials

The field of N-of-1 trials is rapidly evolving, and antisense oligonucleotide drugs are the most advanced in this space. However, many single patient trials are carried out by academic investigators who may not have much experience interacting with the FDA.
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Paradigm Diagnostics Attracts Second Investor in B Round Financing

The $3 million investment from New Science Ventures will allow the company to speed adoption of it PCDx genomic profiling test.
Trovagene has developed methods for isolation of the short

Noninvasive Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer

Noninvasive molecular diagnostics based on cell-free DNA analysis are advancing as more methods have been developed to detect and quantitate nucleic acids from blood...
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Transplant Genomics Picks Up Transplant Dx IP

Transplant Genomics (TGI) now has an exclusive license to patent rights co-owned by The Scripps Research Institute and Northwestern University that could form the...
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University College Dublin Taps NextCODE to Aid in Autism, Rare Disease Research

Sequence-based clinical diagnostics firm and deCODE genetics spinout NextCODE Health is partnering with the Academic Centre on Rare Diseases (ACoRD) at University College Dublin,...
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First U.K. Molecular Medicine Center to Benefit NHS Cancer Patients Established

The University of Oxford is partnering with the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Molecular Medicine (CSSIOMM) to establish the first center in the U.K. designed to...
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Costs of Universal BRCA1/BRCA2 Testing May Exceed Benefits

The BRCA1/BRCA2 genetic test for breast cancer may be a very expensive way of looking for needles concealed in massive haystacks. That’s the conclusion...