DNA sequencing

Genomic Data From 200,000 UK Biobank Participants Available to Researchers

The UK Biobank has released 200,000 participant whole genome sequences through its newly launched Research Analysis Platform. This cloud-based platform allows secure, but democratized access to participant data for researchers.
Point mutation, illustration

New Multiplexing Network Helps Better Define Gene Interactions and Their Roles in Rare Diseases

The network was successfully tested for functionality using data from patients with neurological diseases whose underlying genetic defect was already known.
Breast Cancer

$2.1M Gift to Moores Cancer Center Launches Comprehensive Breast Cancer Database

The Breast Cancer Database System (BCDS) will combine biological, biographical and demographic data in novel ways that will allow researchers to study breast cancers with similar clinical features, as well as rare subtypes. 
Asian Man Receiving Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Biomarker Predicts Response to Treatment for High-Risk Prostate Cancer

A new study, which examined biopsy samples collected from three large, randomized clinical trials, indicated that physicians potentially can use genetic test scores to personalize treatment for men with the most aggressive form of prostate cancer.
Diseased lung, conceptual illustration

Cancer Drugs Could Be Used to Treat Pulmonary Hypertension

A technique that maps gene actions and drug mechanisms to look for relevant links has revealed two new candidate drugs for treating pulmonary hypertension that were originally developed for their anticancer properties.
DNA strand and Cancer Cell

Salk Study Determines Most Common Genetic Mutations in Cancer

While many studies have identified the mutations involved in certain cancers, no one had ever combined the data in a way that could reveal which mutations are most common in the entire cancer patient population.

New Transformer-Based Tool for Gene Expression Prediction Debuted by DeepMind and Calico

The tool, called Enformer, is a neural network architecture that produced greatly increased accuracy in predicting gene expression from DNA sequence, according to a study published in Nature Methods.
Woman s face embedded in computer network to symbolize AI

Lifebit Biotech Raises $60M for Software Platform that Expands Access To Biomedical Data

Lifebit’s current contracts include a project to build Hong Kong’s first population-scale genome sequencing initiative, the Hong Kong Genome Project, a long-term AI-partnership with German pharma giant Boehringer Ingelheim, and Genomics England.
Pancreatic cancer, malignant tumor of pancreas

Multi-Omic Approach to Pancreatic Cancer Reveals New Disease Signatures

The comprehensive and integrated proteogenomic characterization is a valuable resource for the development of early detection strategies and identifies several promising new targets for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma treatment and early diagnosis.

Algorithm Allows Quick Detection of Harmful Pathogens in Mixed Samples

A research team based at McMaster University in Canada has developed an algorithm that can design more accurate probes to detect infectious disease pathogens in mixed samples and help avoid time consuming bulk sequencing.