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Columbia University, NYGC Scientists Create Software that Improves Accuracy of Human DNA Matching

Few gadgets in modern science are more intriguing than a hand-held, USB compatible, real-time DNA sequencer. The possibility of sequencing anyone, anywhere, and anytime...

DNAnexus, UPMC, Sutter Health Launch Clinico-Genomic MS Precision Medicine Study

Clinico-genomic research study aims to improve personalized treatments for people with multiple sclerosis
The use of big data often depends on computational clouds to provide the processing power and storage

From DNA to Diagnosis without Delay

The world’s first processor expressly designed to perform secondary analysis of next-generation sequencing data is relieving the bottleneck between sequencing and practical application. Setting...
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Bioinformatics IDs 10 New Possible Breast Cancer Combination Therapies

IRB Barcelona researchers used in silico methods to analyze cell signaling networks and 64 currently used breast cancer drug combinations.

Genomenon, Parabricks Offer Products Via Google Cloud Platform

A pair of companies specializing in applying computing to genomics said today they will make their products available via Google Cloud Platform, through partnerships...

Precision Medicine: iCarbonX Launches Digital Health Alliance to Move Healthcare Past Genetics to Wellness...

Jun Wang, Ph.D., CEO of iCarbonX, has announced the launch of a new digital life alliance that will aim to improve health and wellness.
European market for NGS informatics is set to more than double to $508.6 million by 2021

Report Predicts Doubling of European NGS Informatics Market by 2021

European market for NGS informatics is set to more than double to $508.6 million by 2021, Frost & Sullivan concludes in a new report
Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 2

Bringing Informed Interpretation to Vexing Variants

While the first traffic light flashed 18 years before the first car was built, the rules of the road have long lagged behind technology...
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Biomarkers for Sleep-Deprived Drivers Identified via Machine Learning Algorithm

Researchers have developed a blood test to identify a subset of 68 genes that indicate whether a person is sleep deprived or well rested
GenomOncology's proprietary match algorithm and extensive Knowledge Management System (KMS) application programming interface (API) suite will be used by Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine to provide real-time clinical trial recommendations to clinical researchers treating IU patients

Indiana U. to Match Patients with Trials Using GenomOncology KMS, API

KMS API suite designed for aggregation and analysis of data that includes genes, pathways, drugs, alterations, transcripts, and diseases