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U.K.’s Our Future Health Aims to Transform Disease Prevention, Detection, Treatment

The program seeks to enroll five million participants as it looks to develop a broad view of the health of the country’s population while developing new ways to prevent and treat diseases and health conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and stroke.

Machine Learning Model Can Predict Survival From COVID-19

German researchers have created a machine learning model from COVID-19 patient blood protein data that accurately predicts who is most likely to survive the infection.
Next-Generation Sequencing Test for Cutaneous Melanoma

New Test Predicts Melanoma Spread, Recurrence

U.K. researchers detail how early-stage melanomas at risk of spreading secrete a growth factor, TGFβ2, that causes downregulation of the proteins AMBRA1 and Loricrin—both of which are found in the skin overlaying the tumor.
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NS2 Protein Instrumental in Long Term Respiratory Syncytial Virus Inflammation

NS2 protein identified as factor that prevents long-term inflammation from respiratory syncytial virus and possibly other respiratory viruses.
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Sema4 to Acquire GeneDx for Approximately $623 Million

Central to the deal was GeneDx’s rare disease diagnosis and clinical exome sequencing capabilities along with data from more than 300,000 exomes and 2.1 million annotated patient phenotypes.
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Whole Human Genome Sequenced in Just Over Five Hours in New Record

New Guinness world record for human genome sequencing of less than 6 hours, set at Stanford University using Oxford Nanopore's sequencing technology, helps identify genetic disease in less than 8 hours.
Single-Cell RNA-Seq System

New Spatial Transcriptomic Tool Maps Cell Location and Function in Fine Detail

A tool that can pinpoint the location of detailed immune cell types in the human gut and lymph node, as well as map the fine-grained structure of the mouse brain has been developed by researchers based at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.
Genomenon said today it has partnered with Rhythm Pharmaceuticals to create a database of genetic mutations associated with obesity as documented in published studies. Rhythm plans to use the data to better understand rare genetic disorders of obesity. [Visual Mozart/Getty Images]

Genetic Insights into Pathways Behind Obesity Uncovered

A new study by researchers from the department of twin research and genetic epidemiology, King’s College London, and the NIHR BioResource, has revealed genetic pathways underlying obesity.
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Blood Test Improves Selection for Lung Cancer Screening in Long-Term Smokers

The four-marker protein panel (4MP) includes four proteins—the precursor form of surfactant protein B, cancer antigen 125, carcinoembryonic antigen, and cytokeratin-19 fragment—that have previously shown potential to identify people at risk of developing lung cancer.

Infection Diagnostics Company MeMed Raises $93M in Private Financing

MeMed’s core technology—it’s MeMed BV test run on the MeMed Key testing platform—is able to quickly distinguish whether a patient has a bacterial or a viral infection to allow physicians to either properly prescribe antibiotics, when needed, but also to avoid prescribing them if a patient is suffering from a viral infection.