Are Biomarkers in Semen the Future of Prostate Cancer Screening?

Semen could be considered a liquid biopsy of the organs of male reproductive system—specifically, of the prostate gland. This is convenient. Semen is, potentially,...

RNA Expression Data Could Explain Prostate Cancer Differences Between Black and White Men

RNA expression changes in the tumor and tumor environment could at least partially explain why Black Americans have more severe and harder to treat prostate cancer than White Americans, according to new research findings.
Light micrograph of metastases in breast tissue

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction Method Developed

Women whose plasma contained circulating tumor DNA had only a 56% chance of being cancer-free two years following chemotherapy and surgery, while those without it had an 81% chance the cancer would not return in the same time span.

GRAIL’s New Blood-Based Cancer Screening Test Shows High Sensitivity and Specificity

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers report the development of a new blood test that has shown the ability in a multi-center trial to screen for...

Oxford Nanopore Opens Factory to Meet Demand for MinION, Other DNA/RNA Sequencers

Oxford Nanopore Technologies is aiming to meet anticipated future demand for its pocket-sized MinION and other real-time DNA/RNA sequencers by starting to manufacture flow...

PerkinElmer Genomics, U. of Iowa Develop FSHD Assay Based on Bionano’s Saphyr

Bionano Genomics announced at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) annual meeting in Houston that PerkinElmer Genomics and the University of Iowa have...
elderly man with head breaking apart

Feasibility Study Finds Informative Digital Biomarkers of Dementia

Combining wearable devices, handheld devices and digital apps lets researchers tell the difference between people with early dementia and those without it.
Next-Generation Sequencing Test for Cutaneous Melanoma

Genetic Switch Between Pigmentation and Melanoma Revealed

The team characterized, for the first time, the connection between two cellular communications (signaling) systems that converge on the CRTC3 protein in melanocytes. These two systems tell the cell to either proliferate or make the pigment melanin.

Primary and Metastatic Tumor Growth Reduced by Tumor Suppressor Parkin

An international team of scientists reports that the tumor suppressor Parkin, whose levels are reduced in different cancer types, causes acute metabolic and oxidative stress, suppresses mitochondrial trafficking, and blocks tumor cell movement, reducing primary and metastatic tumor growth.
Pregnancy test not pregnant

Key Gene Involved in Male Infertility Uncovered

A mutation in a single gene, PNLDC1, appears to account for a form of male infertility in which men fail to produce sperm, according to an international study. This study suggests a direct mechanistic effect of faulty piRNA processing on meiosis and spermatogenesis in men.