Clinical OMICs is becoming Inside Precision Medicine in January 2022

When we launched Clinical OMICs in 2012, it was in answer to a seismic shift in the healthcare industry, one that brought a realization among professionals and patients alike that the industry was in desperate need of new ways to predict, prevent, and treat myriad diseases. The field of precision medicine was upon us, aiming to transform patient care and outcomes with unique, personalized approaches.

Since then, the precision medicine field has continued to grow rapidly and exponentially – forecasts predict that the market will be valued at an astonishing $126.14 billion by 2025 – and our commitment to the field has never been stronger. It is in answer to these market changes and as a testament to our commitment to covering the full breadth of the field of precision medicine that we are changing the title of Clinical OMICs to Inside Precision Medicine in 2022.

Inside Precision Medicine is aptly positioned to become the definitive voice for vigorous discussions and perspectives that span technological innovation, complex socio-economic, and public policy issues, while offering pragmatic solutions to some of the misalignments that exist between a diverse group of stakeholders. Ultimately Inside Precision Medicine will embrace the challenge to think differently and to play its part in effecting real progress and change, focusing on scaling and streamlining the precision medicine continuum for the benefit of patients in need.

Going forward, we will continue to deliver the same coverage of Translational Research, Molecular Diagnostics, Informatics, and Patient Care that you have come to rely on, but will expand our coverage beyond Oncology to Disease Indications, and add dynamic new coverage of Payer and Regulatory issues, such as insurance and reimbursement, regulatory review and approval, and data privacy and security.

Inside Precision Medicine is the eyes and ears inside the world of precision medicine, and our new title reflects that mission and endeavor. I invite you to subscribe or renew for free today, to ensure you receive the exciting first issue of Inside Precision Medicine as soon as it publishes.


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