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Into the Dark Unknown

insertion of new segements into DNA spiral structure

Precision Medicine for Obesity: Targeting a Multifactorial Condition

Weight loss pills and unhealthy dieting with medication concept

Opportunities in Omics Integration

DNA molecule with sparkling effects

5 Emerging Players Pushing the Boundaries of Clinical Decision Support

Abstract digital data background

Consumer Genomics: How to Engage Patients with DNA Testing

female doctor, scientist, DNA

Building a Bridge Between Rare Disease Patients and the Technologies that Could Help Them

Julia Vitarello and her daughter Mila

Unlocking the Power of Patient Data: A Catalyst for Precision Medicine

Online doctor and medical consultation. Pharmaceutical research laboratory with scientists working to develop new drugs and genetic testing. Innovative healthcare

New Frontiers in CDx Development

Astronaut in the desert looking at the moon

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Primary Care Medicine

Asked & Answered column photo

RNA Direct Injection: A New Treatment for Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, and Gene Therapy

Injection in the arm

Companion Diagnostics (CDx)—A Central Laboratory Perspective

Pills, Capsules

Sequencing Spatially-Located Single Cells

mouse looking at the sky

How Single-Cell Omics is Revolutionizing Our View Of Neurobiology

Brain abstract network

Improving Gene Therapy Development for Rare Diseases

Genetic engineering concept. DNA. Gene therapy. Medical technology

Jay Shendure on New Seattle Hub: Recording Cell History Over Time

Jay Shendure, MD, PhD

Beginning a New Era of Precision Alzheimer’s Therapeutics

AI Brain Concept

New Frontiers in Liquid Biopsy

Cancer cells

Fight Like a Mother: When an ICD-10 Code Determines Life or Death

Newton pendulum design. Gymnastic ring exercise.

In Conversation with Gilad Almogy

Gilad Almogy, PhD

Creating Transformational Medicines

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5 Startups With Proteomics Potential Attracting Investor Cash

Science template, abstract background with a 3D DNA molecules

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Eliminate Health Disparities?

Agena Bioscience and N-of-One will partner to offer interpretation of cancer genomic data generated by Agena’s MassARRAY® System. [Source: iStock/© agsandrew]

Leveraging the Full Potential of Sensitive Circulating Tumor DNA Analyses

A lab technician with donation tests

Realizing the Potential of Population-Scale Proteogenomics

Olink April 2024 IPM sponsored content

Seamlessly Transition Cell Therapies from Preclinical to Clinical Research and Beyond

AI created image for ACRO April 2024 IPM sponsored content

AI Leading the Way to More Precise Diagnostics and Disease Risk Prediction

physician and patient

Aiming AI at Cancer-Related Biomarkers

Precision Oncology and Targeted Oncology Therapy

The Art of AI in Drug Discovery

AI background, pill

AI, Dogma, and Drug Development

IPM February 2024 issue Liebman graphic

Fully Exposed: Understanding the Exposome Can Drive the Future of Health and Wellness

exposome illustration

Ethical Considerations for Including Children in Clinical Research

Scientist looking through the microscope

In Conversation with Michelle Werner

Michelle Werner

Cracking Down on Artificial Intelligence Malpractice in the EU

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10 Leading Specialists in Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

Genomic Data

Medical Artificial Intelligence: A New Frontier in Precision Medicine

Robot and human handshake
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