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Featured Solutions: Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics

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Armored RNA Quant® Respiratory Triplex Control
A single respiratory control which provides the reliability you have come to expect from Armored RNA. The Armored RNA Quant® Respiratory Triplex Control con...
Reference Standards
Horizon offers diagnostic reference standards to ensure NGS assays are performing at the highest level. We have found optimization and validation of NGS workflo...
Precision For Medicine
Human Blood, Biofluids, and Derivatives
Thousands of IRB-approved, clinically-annotated biospecimens ready to ship, same day to your lab. Healthy and disease state.  Human blood, plasma, serum, CSF, ...
UltiMapper® I/O Immuno8™
Translational immuno-oncology research often requires the visualization of multiple cell phenotypes in FFPE tissue sections. Ultivue’s UltiMapper® I/O and ...
Oxford Gene Technology
SureSeq™ CLL + CNV Panel
The SureSeq CLL + CNV Panel has been designed in collaboration with recognised cancer experts to detect 12 key genes and 5 chromosomal regions implicated in CLL...
Custom cGMP-Manufacturing
Tap into a primary manufacturer of molecular technologies without having to build it yourself. Partner with Promega, and our team will work with you to adapt ou...
Armored RNA Quant® Internal Process Control
Armored Controls have been used in IVD-approved assays for more than 20 years and serve as important tools in the rapidly evolving space of molecular diagnostic...
Automate your entire workflow with one system. The IsoLight is a hub for comprehensive functional profiling of each cell type across a large assay menu of singl...
JANUS® G3 Blood iQ™ Workstation
The JANUS® G3 Blood iQ™ workstation enables seamless reformatting of plasma and buffycoat from fractionated blood into microplates or tubes.  PerkinElmer’...
AVENIO ctDNA Surveillance Kits
The AVENIO ctDNA Surveillance Kit is an NGS liquid biopsy assay that is specially designed to enable researchers to monitor tumor burden in lung and colorectal ...
Q2 Solutions
Flow Cytometry Services
In an effort to continuously provide industry-leading innovative laboratory testing solutions and cutting-edge technologies to drug developers and patients, Q2 ...
Olink® Focus
Olink® Focus is a custom offering used to verify protein profiles discovered through large-scale studies. Once you have established a set of biomarkers definin...