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Featured Solutions: Molecular Diagnostics

Featured Solutions: Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics

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Precision For Medicine
Human Tissue Biospecimens
Pathologist-verified FFPE, fresh, frozen, or fixed tissue samples. Ready to ship or available through our global clinical network....
Q2 Solutions
Central Laboratory Services
Meeting the demands of today's drug, device and diagnostics development environment requires next generation central laboratory services. When looking for a lon...
High-quality ADC target protein
Exclusive LIV-1 proteins: Multiple species: Human, Mouse, Cynomolgus, Rat, etc. Expression sequences were designed based on the SGN-LIV1A binding epitop...
PCR Optimization Kit
The PCR Optimization Kit contains a portfolio of preformulated, high-quality buffers that cover a spectrum of PCR performance capabilities for endpoint, multipl...
AVENIO ctDNA Surveillance Kits
The AVENIO ctDNA Surveillance Kit is an NGS liquid biopsy assay that is specially designed to enable researchers to monitor tumor burden in lung and colorectal ...
Armored RNA Quant® Respiratory Triplex Control
A single respiratory control which provides the reliability you have come to expect from Armored RNA. The Armored RNA Quant® Respiratory Triplex Control con...
Fortis Life
Lyo and Air Dryable Reagents
Optimizing reagent formulations for molecular assays and then expecting the same results with a lyophilized or air-dried format of the same chemistry can result...
GMP Grade OKT3 Antibody
ACROBiosystems has independently developed a series of related tools, which are ideal for T cell activation and expansion in vitro and better facilitate the dev...
NovaSeqTM X Plus Sequencing System
The NovaSeq X Plus system revolutionizes human whole-genome sequencing, with the ability to sequence more than 128 genomes per run. These production-scale seque...
Armored RNA Quant® Internal Process Control
Armored Controls have been used in IVD-approved assays for more than 20 years and serve as important tools in the rapidly evolving space of molecular diagnostic...
Hamilton Company
Automate cfDNA isolation and purification workflows with NIMBUS Presto
The NIMBUS Presto assay ready workstation automates nucleic acid isolation and purification workflows. As a compact, walkaway, and hassle-free extraction soluti...
TruSight™ Oncology 500
The TruSight Oncology 500 product family enables comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) from both blood and tissue biopsy samples in house. All three assays in t...