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Featured Solutions: Molecular Diagnostics

Featured Solutions: Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics

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QIAGEN QIAseq Multimodal Panels
A single day sample to sequencing workflow for simultaneous enrichment and profiling of DNA variants, RNA fusions and gene expression levels from one sample inp...
Fortis Life
Custom Reagents and Services For Molecular Diagnostics
An effective molecular diagnostic assay requires custom enzymes, reagents, master mixes, and kitted solutions made under strict quality systems by experts you c...
Armored RNA Quant® Respiratory Triplex Control
A single respiratory control which provides the reliability you have come to expect from Armored RNA. The Armored RNA Quant® Respiratory Triplex Control con...
Hamilton Company
Automate NGS assay library preparation with NGS STAR
The precision-crafted NGS STAR assay ready workstation takes on the burden of repetitive pipetting and other variable or time-consuming tasks in next-generation...
PCR Optimization Kit
The PCR Optimization Kit contains a portfolio of preformulated, high-quality buffers that cover a spectrum of PCR performance capabilities for endpoint, multipl...
Synthetic Matrix II HD917
The most flexible whole process reference standard for cfDNA recovery. Optimal synthetic matrix enables extraction recovery of cfDNA by multiple purification...
AVENIO ctDNA Targeted Kits
The AVENIO ctDNA Targeted Kit is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) liquid biopsy tumor profiling assay for identifying genomic aberrations in solid tumors. Thi...
Olink® Focus
Olink® Focus is a custom offering used to verify protein profiles discovered through large-scale studies. Once you have established a set of biomarkers definin...
Oxford Gene Technology
SureSeq™ CLL + CNV Panel
The SureSeq CLL + CNV Panel has been designed in collaboration with recognised cancer experts to detect 12 key genes and 5 chromosomal regions implicated in CLL...
QIAGEN HGMD Professional
HGMD Professional, the most trusted resource for answering the question, “Does this mutation cause human disease?”...
Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon V8
The SureSelect Human All Exon V8 provides comprehensive and the most up-to-date coverage of protein coding regions from RefSeq, CCDS, and GENCODE. It also cover...
Reference Standards
Horizon offers diagnostic reference standards to ensure NGS assays are performing at the highest level. We have found optimization and validation of NGS workflo...