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Featured Solutions: Translational Research

Featured Solutions: Translational Research

Translational Research

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Olink® Target
Olink® Target allows for more focused studies on a specific area of disease or key biological processes, targeting 96 or 48 biomarkers. The Target readout uses...
A Combination of Universal Solutions
ComboX™ is a combination of universal solutions targeted for biopharmaceutical drug research, development, and manufacturing. To accelerate and support your r...
UltiMapper® I/O Immuno8™
QIAGEN QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal Kits
For rapid rRNA and/or globin mRNA removal for RNA-seq library preparation. QIAseq FastSelect RNA Removal Kits use a novel method to remove highly abundant RN...
NEXTFLEX® Small RNA Sequencing Kit v3 for Illumina® Platforms
The NEXTFLEX® small RNA-seq kit v3 uses patented and patent-pending technology to provide a reduced-bias small RNA library preparation solution for Illumina® ...
Precision For Medicine
Human Blood, Biofluids, and Derivatives
Thousands of IRB-approved, clinically-annotated biospecimens ready to ship, same day to your lab. Healthy and disease state.  Human blood, plasma, serum, CSF, ...
PCR Optimization Kit
The PCR Optimization Kit contains a portfolio of preformulated, high-quality buffers that cover a spectrum of PCR performance capabilities for endpoint, multipl...
Olink® Focus
Olink® Focus is a custom offering used to verify protein profiles discovered through large-scale studies. Once you have established a set of biomarkers definin...
Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) is a comprehensive genetic test that identifies changes in a patient's DNA that are causative or related to their medical concerns....
QIAGEN QCI Interpret
Rapid analysis. Confident interpretations. Large panel clinical decision support software for inherited diseases and cancer....
Comprehensive Solutions For Anti-idiotypic Antibody Development And Applications
Anti-idiotypic Antibody can be used as an important reference for immunogenicity analysis, or also be an essential reagent to specifically detect drug levels fo...
Hamilton Company
Automate cfDNA isolation and purification workflows with NIMBUS Presto
The NIMBUS Presto assay ready workstation automates nucleic acid isolation and purification workflows. As a compact, walkaway, and hassle-free extraction soluti...
NovaSeqTM X Plus Sequencing System
The NovaSeq X Plus system revolutionizes human whole-genome sequencing, with the ability to sequence more than 128 genomes per run. These production-scale seque...