Advancing Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases

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PAdvancing Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases eBook coverrior to the pandemic, most folks outside of the industry wouldn’t have been familiar with the term reagent. The word, much like PCR, has now become part of common parlance. For those of us immersed in the world of diagnostic assays we know only too well how important reagents are in the process of identifying disease. They are truly an indispensable cog in the life science wheel of productivity. These may take different forms and guises depending on the task at hand but at their heart they serve to do one thing—to provide critical scientific answers in the pursuit of propelling research forward. Yet, in order to do that they need to be produced to the highest quality and reproducibility. Producing highly specified antibodies, for example, is no trivial task and takes careful planning and execution. Custom manufacturer Fortis Life Sciences, powered by a family of leading life science brands, has been at the forefront of producing premium, custom configured products and services to clients across a spectrum of disciplines for a number of years, spanning a broad portfolio of research and commercial applications. Their unrivalled expertise in the design, development and manufacturing of high-quality custom enzymes combined with a tailored, collaborative approach ensures your infectious disease molecular diagnostic assay will be primed for configuration to the exact specifications you need.

With an ever-expanding menu of assays and products that are germane to the precision medicine landscape we are delighted to be producing this informative eBook in partnership with Fortis. We hope it will give you a snapshot into the world of custom reagent manufacturing with a particular focus on infectious disease applications.


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