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Asuragen agreed to collaborate with Illumina to set up a framework for the development and commercialization of sequencing-based companion diagnostics in partnership with biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Asuragen  officials say they will leverage its Quantidex™ NGS product platform for development of customized companion diagnostics for its biotech and pharma partners on the Illumina MiSeqDx™ instrument

Asuragen’s recently launched Quantidex™ Pan Cancer [research] Kit demonstrates its optimized NGS system that unifies pre-analytical DNA QC, sample quantification, multiplex PCR enrichment, dual-index barcoding, and library purification and quantification, using reagents provided in a single kit, according to Matt McManus, president and CEO of Asuragen.. “It integrates Asuragen’s analytics and reporting suite, the Quantidex™ Reporter, providing a straight forward sample-to-answer solution for Asuragen NGS panels,” he added.

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