3D DNA strand on abstract blood cell background
3D render of a DNA strand on abstract blood cell background

BloodCenter of Wisconsin's Diagnostic Laboratories, part of Versiti, said today it has launched seven hematology genetics test panels designed to enhance BloodCenter's genetic testing capability.

The new panels, BloodCenter said, will expand its testing capabilities with numerous non-malignant hematology disorders, including platelet function disorders, inherited thrombocytopenia, and congenital neutropenias.

The company said its new panels will help it integrate genetic testing with functional lab testing, enabling it to diagnose complex hematology disorders by offering a comprehensive review of each patient for improved patient care and outcomes.

The seven panels—all of which have turnaround times of 21 days—include:

  • Comprehensive Bleeding Disorder Panel
  • Comprehensive Platelet Disorder Panel
  • Coagulation Disorder Panel
  • Congenital Neutropenia Panel
  • Platelet Function Disorder Panel
  • Thrombosis Panel
  • Inherited Thrombocytopenia Panel

“Functional lab testing gives us a screen—insight into how blood is behaving. But it doesn't give us the answers to why it's behaving the way it is,” Patrick Foy, M.D., clinical hematologist, Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, said in a statement. “Genetic testing allows us to go a step further so we can identify diseases as an individual process in a way that is more advanced than functional testing. It allows us to begin an era of personalized medicine when we see that lab results are different among family members, even if the functional assays are the same.”

BloodCenter said its hematology genetics service is supported by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of professionals and scientists with expertise in hematology. The team includes molecular pathologists, scientists, practicing clinicians, genetic counselors and laboratorians.

By offering test utilization management support, Blood Center said, the team helps physicians order the right tests to support a more specific, detailed diagnosis, thus helping advance personalized medicine.

Milwaukee-based BloodCenter of Wisconsin is a not-for-profit organization specializing in blood services, esoteric diagnostic testing, organ, tissue and stem cell donation, medical services and leading-edge research.

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