Source: TCmake_photo / Getty Images
Source: TCmake_photo / Getty Images

Technological advances have led to dramatic decreases in the cost of genetic sequencing, ushering in a genomics revolution that aspires to transform medicine. However, developing solutions that can effectively, efficiently, and affordably translate these advances to a clinical setting remains challenging, which is why two genomics companies, Congenica and Edico Genome, have partnered to offer their complementary technologies as an all-in-one solution for data analysis, interpretation, and reporting.

“Both companies are very much driven to deliver these joint solutions in a clinical diagnostic setting,” commented Congenica’s Chief Business Officer, Shikha O’Brien, Ph.D., on the companies’ mutual commitment to bringing genomics-based medicine to fruition through their individual technologies.

Congenica’s cloud-based software platform, Sapientia, enables clinical geneticists to analyze and interpret the gamut of next-generation sequencing data and generate a comprehensive diagnostic report to support clinical decision-making.

The knowledge base underlying Sapientia aggregates data from its users and places it into a knowledge base that can inform future analyses. However, according to O’Brien, “[Sapientia’s] beauty is that it brings all of the information required for variant interpretation together in a single, dynamic interface. All of this information being held together creates an accurate and in depth audit trail to really support the work of our clinical colleagues.”


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