Fulgent Genetics Launches Consumer-Targeted Genetic Testing Line

Fulgent Genetics Launches Consumer-Targeted Genetic Testing Line

Genetic testing company Fulgent Genetics announced the launch of Picture Genetics, a new line of at-home genetic testing targeting consumers. Picture Genetics will offer three separate consumer-initiated screening tests, which will enable individuals to access Fulgent’s advanced genetic testing and analytics capabilities from the ease and comfort of home at an affordable price point. Picture Genetics offers a holistic approach to at-home genetic screening by including oversight from independent physicians as well as genetic counseling options to complement Fulgent’s comprehensive genetic testing analysis.

To help support the new line of products, Fulgent has teamed with PWNHealth, which will provide physician review of the testing and also provide genetic counseling services as needed to consumers whose genetic testing results may indicate the need for these services.

Picture Genetics line will initially consist of three separate consumer-initiated screening tests: Picture Parenting, a carrier screening test that gives prospective parents better insight into their status as carriers of variants in 30 different genes which could affect their children; and Picture Newborn and Picture Wellness, which will be brought to market in the coming months to offer insight into a variety of health risks based on genetic markers.

“We are very excited about the launch of Picture Genetics, our consumer-initiated test offering which enables us to deliver our advanced genetic testing capabilities to a much broader audience in an accessible manner,” said Ming Hsieh, chairman and CEO of Fulgent Genetics in a press release. “We believe our line of tests offers one of the most comprehensive at-home screening options available in the market, given the inclusion of genetic counseling as well as involvement from independent physicians. With our Picture Parenting screening test, we will enable couples everywhere to make more informed choices in family planning with support from experienced genetic counselors.”

PWN Health is a virtual care company that connect millions of people to thousands of sophisticated and clinically-sound diagnostic tests. The company has established a nationwide physician and genetic counselor network, connectivity to more than 100 labs and resellers and technology platforms to support a broad range of healthcare customers.