GenomeNext has embedded within its Olympus genomic analysis platform results from Genomenon’s Mastermind Genomic Search Engine
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GenomeNext said today it has embedded within its Olympus genomic-analysis platform results from Genomenon’s Mastermind Genomic Search Engine, through a partnership whose value was not disclosed.

The partnership is aimed at simplifying and accelerating variant curation for genomic analysis, thus streamlining automation of genomic analysis and interpretation, the companies said.

Through Mastermind, launched a year ago this month, Genomenon indexes scientific literature for evidence linking genomic data to specific diseases, presenting them in a clinical context designed to accelerate patient diagnosis.

Mastermind searches clinically relevant journals by narrowing the 30 million-plus articles listed in PubMed to articles with genomic content in the title or abstracts, then indexes the full text of those articles. According to Genomenon, Mastermind is the world’s first search engine to connect genomic data from patients with evidence retrieved from scientific literature.

Genomenon has developed two editions of Mastermind. The free edition allows 100 searches per week, up to five alerts, and one VCF Annotation file per week. The professional edition allows unlimited searchers and alerts, plus 10 VCF Annotation files per week.

Through the collaboration, scientific references for each variant, identified across full-text publications and abstracts, and a direct link to the search results in Mastermind, have been integrated and automated within Olympus.

“Literature curation has been the biggest bottleneck in the clinical NGS pipeline. GenomeNext is tackling that bottleneck by integrating literature curation directly in the Olympus Platform,” Genomenon CEO Mike Klein said in a statement. “Combining Mastermind’s proprietary technology with the differentiating bioinformatics and data-management capabilities offered by GenomeNext’s Olympus platform, delivers a powerful suite of capabilities to accelerate the implementation of genomic medicine.”

For each DNA variant discovered, GenomeNext’s Olympus platform now annotates how many literature references were found within Mastermind, and provides a direct link to access those search results for more detailed literature review.

Results can be filtered based upon disease, gene, and clinical significance, including diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information.

“We’re excited to introduce Olympus as the first automated, end-to-end, genomic-analysis platform that includes a comprehensive genomic search engine for associated medical literature, dramatically reducing the time and costs of variant curation, annotation and interpretation,” added GenomeNext CEO James Hirmas.

In addition to their partnership, GenomeNext and Genomenon also announced a reseller agreement. GenomeNext plans to sell Mastermind Professional Edition to its Olympus users as part of the Olympus suite.

The collaboration is Genomenon’s second announced this month. On February 6, Saphetor and Genomenon launched a data-sharing partnership through which they agreed to share genomic variant data between Mastermind and Saphetor’s

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