High-Performance PCR Plates

Sponsor: Porvair Sciences

These high-performance PCR plates are made from polypropylene for extra rigidity and are compatible with the majority of 96- and 384-well block PCR and sequencing instruments, including fast sequencers and the Roche Light Cycler™ RT-PCR machines. Manufactured under Class 10,000 clean room conditions, the complete range of 13 microplates is certified free of pyrogens as well as DNase and RNase enzyme activity enabling optimized PCR results. The entire range of PCR plates includes standard or low profile 96-well PCR plates in specific optimized formats (full, half or no skirt), with well volumes of 200 or 350 μL. For higher throughput assays, where samples are often at a premium, 384-well PCR plates with a working well volume of only 30 μL are available.

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