Arivale is taking a personalized genomic approach toward fitness
Grunge style background with 3D running man with muscle map and DNA strands

As the benefits of the genomics revolution trickle down to patients, Arivale aims to open the floodgates by providing people with meaningful information they can use to manage their health long before the appearance of illness.

Arivale’s mission goes beyond general advice on diet and exercise. Instead, it analyzes each client’s genome, clinical chemistries, lifestyle, and microbiome to produce specific advice tailored to individuals.

“We can identify genetic variants among individuals that identify which foods will add weight—carbohydrates vs. fats, for example—and how much exercise is needed to effectively lose weight for specific individuals,” co-founder Lee Hood, M.D., Ph.D., says.

Arivale co-founder and CEO Clayton Lewis, a triathlete, has experienced this difference in his own life. For example, his attempt to follow general consumer dietary advice left him discouraged. “I tried the Paleolithic diet,” he recalls, “and I moved slower.”

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