Janssen Taps Digital Biomarker Company Vivante Health for Predictive Disease Modeling

Janssen Taps Digital Biomarker Company Vivante Health for Predictive Disease Modeling
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Janssen Biotech, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies have announced a collaboration with digital medicine company Vivante Health to identify and develop digital biomarkers.

For the past nearly five years, Vivante has been focused on the development of a digital health platform to help identify digital biomarkers of inflammatory conditions focusing on digestive health and disease. Digital biomarkers is a growing field in the precision medicine space that leverages both the health information of individual patients contained in their electronic health record (EHR), and using digital death from digital devices such as health apps and wearables. The intention is to develop digital biomarkers that can help explain or predict the development of disease and how to effect health outcomes.

“The ability to identify patients at risk for developing inflammatory disease and those that are more likely to experience disease progression is a critical step to potentially altering the natural history of disease for patients,” said Simon Mathews, M.D., Vivante Health’s chief medical officer. “The collaboration with Janssen is an exciting opportunity since we share in their goals of intercepting disease and advancing precision medicine.”

Vivante Health’s initial product offering is called GIThrive, a platform that captures real-time information and combines it with biometric testing and microbiome analyses, to capture a a broader view of a patients disease and environment withe the goal of matching them with appropriate psychosocial, nutritional, and medication interventions based on their unique data. With inflammation being at the root of digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, digital biomarkers for inflammatory bowel disease be the focus of Vivante Health’s collaboration with Janssen.

Further, seemingly healthy people are are often unknowingly incubating chronic inflammatory diseases. By using clinically relevant data to build a predictive disease model, those who are likely to develop disease or experience disease progression may be identified earlier. This collaboration seeks to expand the use of Vivante’s digital platform beyond treatment, toward prediction and early interception.