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Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled patient-centric oncology clinical trial enrollment company Massive Bio and AdhereTech, a smart device company that provides real-time data to help drive clinical decisions announced they will work together to develop digital health technology solutions. The partnership will focus on oral oncology therapies with the aim of providing real-time clinical guidance for precision cancer therapies and access to clinical trials.

By combining technologies, the two companies say they can analyze and monitor adherence of precision oncology medications in both clinical trials and treatments that have already been approved. Working with a broad range of stakeholders including pharma companies, payers, and pharmacies, the Massive Bio and AdhereTech partnership will leverage device-generated data to improve cost-effective measures for specialty drug and clinical trial programs.

“While the conversation around digital health and pharma has expanded well beyond from adherence, in oncology it provides the link between cost-effective treatments, and an opportunity to prioritize clinical trials when most appropriate,” said Selin Kurnaz, CEO and co-founder of Massive Bio in a press release. “Even modest improvements can lead to huge cost savings for payers and the pharmaceutical research industry, while allowing streamlined access in real time to effective on-label precision oncology treatments. AdhereTech is one of the few companies that is successfully achieving those goals, and we are excited about this collaboration.”

In December, Massive Bio announced 100K Cancer Clinical Trial Singularity Program that is looking to match 100,000 oncology patients, globally, with appropriate clinical trials. The program has an initial focus on lung, cervical, breast, prostate, gastric, GE junction, and pancreatic cancers, as well as Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myelofibrosis, CNS tumors, pediatric tumors, melanoma, multiple myeloma. It will continue to expand to other malignancies, as the program grows. With more than 13,000 active clinical trials running, and significant research into actionable oncology biomarkers, Massive Bio applies its AI-based technology, website, and apps across iOS and Android platforms to identify appropriate clinical trials for patients in real-time.

AdhereTech leverages its Aidia Smart Bottle to manage medication adherence in a variety of settings. Its treatment management solutions use smart devices with cellular technology to provide patients with dosing reminders and to confirm in real-time when patients take their medication and provides two-way communications to ensure dosing regimens are followed.

“The Aidia System creates personalized patient support with specialty pharmacies and healthcare teams, enabling timely health interventions when they are necessary, and clinical trials can benefit from those key interventions,” said Chris O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer of AdhereTech. “Upon learning of Massive Bio’s traction in the oncology space, and the opportunities of using our Aidia System, expansive network, and real-world data to help patients, physicians and the cancer research industry at a technology enabled scale, it made absolute sense to explore and operationalize this partnership.”

According to Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, M.D., co-founder of Massive Bio, the company’s clinical trial matching system and precision oncology decision support system provide optimal information when paired with real-time data. “By leveraging real-time data from AdhereTech’s Smart Adherence System in combination with our SYNERGY-AI cancer trial matching platform, we can identify key opportunities for clinical trial enrollment, while also optimizing medication adherence and access in both precision oncology care, and cancer research.”

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