CombiMatrix, a CLIA-certified laboratory, is bringing microarray analysis to the underserved problem of recurrent pregnancy loss as well as to prenatal testing. CombiMatrix performs microarray assays that deliver more complete results faster than traditional lab tests.

“Between 50% and 60% of all recurrent miscarriages are caused by a chromosomal abnormality,” Mark McDonough, president and CEO, says. To determine whether a chromosomal abnormality such as triploidy is present, tissue collected from a D&C procedure traditionally is sent to a lab for karyotyping, the standard-of-care genetic test.

“The problem is that it can take up to three weeks to get a result with karyotyping, and this technology returns results only 40% to 50% of the time,” McDonough notes. “Microarray-based cytogenic testing, like CombiSNP™, offers results in one week with 95% yield rates.”

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