PerkinElmer today announced the opening of a new diagnostics facility in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The facility is intended to provide diagnostic screening services to hospitals, maternity nursing facilities, diagnostic labs, and clinicians throughout the country.

The opening of the Chennai laboratory is intended to address India’s growing need for easier access to technologies that can screen for and help diagnose prenatal and neonatal conditions. To that purpose, the PerkinElmer lab will provide customer service and support, along with product training and demonstrations. A newborn screening application facility within the lab will showcase the company’s programs and include visual aids, equipment platforms, and application software to support key stakeholders.

The new facility expands PerkinElmer’s presence in India, where the company has offered instruments and services to customers since 1981. The company established direct operations in India in 2004, and has grown to serve more than 6,000 customers across markets that include diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotech, food, agriculture, chemicals, plastics, automobile, and academic research labs.

“This state-of-the art laboratory underscores our commitment to our continued expansion plans in India,” PerkinElmer India’s president Jayashree Thacker said in a statement. “By increasing our capacity to accommodate higher testing volumes, offer a comprehensive and growing menu of diagnostic assays, and provide a hands-on experience with our innovative technologies, we are further supporting India’s healthcare requirements.”

Prahlad Singh, PerkinElmer’s president of diagnostics, formally opened the facility today in an event attended by clinicians, including gynecologists, fetal medicine specialists, and pediatricians, along with medical research professionals and opinion leaders.


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