Could Based Genomics Data
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Q-State Biosciences and 2bPrecise are partnering to build robust clinical-genomic datasets to help healthcare providers better leverage precision medicine for patients with genetic conditions. The partnership is backed by 2bPrecise’s parent company, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, which is a healthcare information technology leader. The deal combines 2bPrecise’s cloud-based, EHR (electronic health record)-independent platform, which brings genomic data into the clinical workflow, with Q-State’s whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing, transcriptomics, and functional phenotyping capabilities.

The partnership aims to achieve improved diagnostic yields and patient outcomes by using clinical tools to match patients with precise therapies based on their health attributes and genetic profile. In addition, the two companies’ combined platforms should help pharmaceutical firms to accelerate therapeutic discovery by supporting identification of novel disease targets, stratification of patient populations, and expedited clinical-trial recruitment paths.

“Genomic data holds the power to evolve the entire healthcare industry. Today, patients’ genetic information enables not only diagnoses, but also systematic identification of disease targets and synthesis of new genetically targeted medicines,” said Q-State CEO Matthew Fox.

Q-State Biosciences is a precision medicine company based in Cambridge, MA, which applies a proprietary platform to diagnose the root causes of disease and to discover genetically targeted therapies using its platform.

The company provides genetic sequencing services through its subsidiary, QNA Dx—a CLIA-certified clinical sequencing laboratory that offers both whole exome sequencing and panel screens focusing on pediatric neurological diseases. QNA Dx uses two distinct technology platforms to sequence genetic material.

In addition to its sequencing platforms, QNA Dx provides interpretation services to generate reports based on genetic finding. Q-State offers new research opportunities for patients with rare genetic epilepsies through its recently integrated Pairnomix business. Pairnomix research services include functional mutation characterization and drug screening to provide new scientific insights about a specific genetic mutation.

2bPrecise, meanwhile, bridges the lab and the clinic. “This partnership facilitates healthcare innovation that enables precision medicine and genetically based clinical care on a transformative scale,” said 2bPrecise Founder and CEO Assaf Halevy. “We are excited to collaborate with our Q-State colleagues on novel ways to accelerate access to new therapies.”

The cloud-based 2bPrecise platform takes genomic/genetic data from molecular labs and clinical information from the client’s preferred EHR, combining them into a comprehensive patient record. The solution provides insights from multiple curated, evidence-based knowledge-bases and injects the data back into the provider’s native workflow.

The 2bPrecise platform creates a discrete information layer that follows the patient as he or she moves into various clinical settings, so the entire care team can access valuable insights—preventing information from being isolated in a single care encounter or specialty area, while enabling providers to arrive at accurate diagnoses sooner and deliver therapeutic value faster.

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