Adding to its portfolio of SARS-CoV-2 molecular QC standards, Microbiologics has launched IVD Process Controls and Inactivated Whole Virus Controls to meet the complex research and diagnostic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Process Controls and Inactivated Whole Virus controls are available in ready-to-use swab and pellet formats that mimic patient samples for every step of molecular testing, including sample collection and handling. Featuring a matrix of human epithelial lung cells, each control performs like a true sample within the nucleic assay procedure. By mimicking the patient sample format and performance, these controls challenge not only assays, but also processes and techniques. The IVD controls each provide a complete validation for extraction, amplification, and detection within a molecular assay. The Inactivated Whole Virus Controls contain the entire SARS-CoV-2 genome in a non-infectious state confirmed by a validated assay. The Process Controls provide diagnostically relevant gene sequences to match multiple diagnostic protocols.


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