Doctor and patient conversation
Doctor (30s) discussing information on digital tablet with female patient (40s).

New tests and pricing plans are reshaping the genetic testing landscape, with Invitae offering non-insurance patients a lower price for its genetic tests, and two other developers launching new tests priced in the hundreds of dollars.

At $475 per indication, patients can access Invitae’s full menu of tests, covering a single diagnostic service with more than 200 genes assessed for any of several indications. These include cancer, cardiology, neurology, pediatric genetics, hematology, and other rare conditions. To take advantage, patients must register with the company, pay online themselves, and have their tests ordered by a clinician.

“We started driving down prices, and we’ve made it clear we intend to continue to drive down the prices to multiple price points in multiple disease areas,” Invitae President and COO Sean George told Clinical OMICs. “Exomes and genomes will cost more than smaller panels, but in general, rapidly driving down the price of indication-based testing is what we foresee in coming years.”

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