SOPHiA Genetics Data-Driven Medicine Platform Hits One Million Genomic Profiles

SOPHiA Genetics Data-Driven Medicine Platform Hits One Million Genomic Profiles
Credit: John Lund/Getty Images

American-Swiss health tech firm SOPHiA Genetics announced it has analyzed one million genomic profiles from around the world using its cloud-based data-driven medicine (DDM) platform.

The company was founded in Lausanne in 2011 by Jurgi Camblong, Pierre Hutter, and Lars Steinmetz as a spin out from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and has been pioneering in the field of health data analysis since then.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning the SOPHiA DDM platform is a key focus for the company. Based on the cloud, scientists, healthcare professionals and companies around the world can access it easily.

The platform started in 2017 and was initially designed to help hospitals to process and store genomic data. However, the focus of the platform changed as continued research by the company showed that hospitals were struggling with data accuracy and so the platform was refocused to help solve this problem.

The platform can now carry out analysis of multimodal data—including medical chart data, multi-omic data and genetic data; radiomic data to help optimize outputs from medical images for cancer patients and similar; and genomic data analysis.

The platform managed to analyze and annotate 500,000 genomes in five years and has managed to reach 1 million genomes less than two years later. Using machine learning has allowed the insights from the platform to become more accurate over time.

“Since launching our SOPHiA DDM platform, it has become clear that our vision to bridge science and technology to turn complex multimodal data into valuable insights is resonating among healthcare institutions and their patients globally,” said Camblong, now CEO of the company.

“They see the value of our collaborative, decentralized platform that breaks down data silos to provide equal access to knowledge and capabilities for the benefit of patients worldwide. I am very proud of this incredible milestone and look forward to the continued growth and diversity of our network.”

SOPHiA Genetics is currently collaborating with GE Healthcare to improve cancer care by using its data to improve targeting and matching of treatments to a patients genomic profile.