A Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) subsidiary
A Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) subsidiary

A Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) subsidiary, Nashville Biosciences, has agreed to make summary data from the VUMC-created BioVU clinico-genomic research database available through BC Platforms’ global biobank platform BCRQUEST.com, the companies said today.

The value of the partnership was not disclosed.

Nashville Biosciences was spun out of VUMC in April, with the goal of applying VUMC’s genomic and bioinformatics data toward advancing the discovery and development of new drugs and diagnostics.

Nashville Biosciences has agreed to link summary data about BioVU to BC Platforms' bioanalytics platform, with the goal of allowing researchers to securely perform queries to rapidly estimate counts for a potential study cohort, and determine the feasibility of the study without wasting time or effort.

Researchers will then work with Nashville Biosciences and other biobanks that contribute data to BCRQUEST.com to conduct their desired study. BC Platforms says its technology is capable of providing researchers with tools to browse and analyze summary level information from biobanks and other data providers that have subscribed to the service.

“Working with BC Platforms' will extend the impact of BioVU to support researchers in efficient drug and diagnostics discovery and development, while still protecting the integrity of the biobank and the data it has been entrusted with,” Nashville Biosciences COO Leeland Ekstrom, PhD, said in a statement.

BioVU is designed to provide clinical insights and resources to biomedical researchers in both academic and industry settings through de-identified clinico-genomic research data. The data contains robust, longitudinal clinical data and approximately 250,000 bio-banked DNA samples extracted over the last decade from discarded blood collected during routine clinical testing, coupled with 2.8 million de-identified patient records.

BCRQUEST.com is a platform designed to enable greater collaboration for scientific innovation and precision medicine through secure data sharing, analytics, and governance.

“Using our BCRQUEST.com platform, biobanks can select which data from their collections to showcase in a secure and compliant manner to the world's largest pharmaceutical R&D teams in order to establish future research projects,” added BC Platforms CEO Tero Silvola. “The life science industry benefits from this global pool of harmonized biobank data—now totaling 2 million subjects—to gain scientific insights with the goal of reducing drug development timelines and bringing benefits to patients worldwide.”

Founded in 1997 from an MIT Whitehead project spinoff, BC Platforms has committed itself to building the world's leading analytics platform for healthcare and industry by 2020, by providing access to diverse genomic and clinical data and samples from more than 5 million subjects consolidated from a global network of biobanks.

BC Platforms has global operations with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, research and development in Espoo, Finland, and sales and marketing in London, Boston, and Vancouver.

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