Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund of Philadelphia Taps Color for Genomic Health Information

Population health company Color has announced that a new partnership with the Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund of Philadelphia and Vicinity to provide clinical genomic testing and affiliated services to the Fund’s 13,800 members, spouses, and dependents to allow them to better understand their genetic risk for hereditary cancers, heart disease and medication response.

To date, more than 1,100 people have taken advantage of the service with more than 53% of those learning of an increased risk for hereditary cancer and heart conditions via the Color test that would not have met insurance coverage requirements. These results show that the company is “breaking down traditional barriers to precision health programs by drastically increasing access, convenience, and cost-effectiveness,” according to a Color press release announcing the partnership.

“Like other specialty programs under the Fund’s benefits plan, Color’s program offers members and their families with an opportunity to better understand potential risk through its genetic testing program,” said Maria Scheeler, Executive Director of the Fund in a prepared statement. “This program gives participating members in-depth knowledge about their hereditary risk and provides information to help them make informed medical and lifestyle decisions. Partnering with Color has empowered our members to take control of their health and provided them with a sense of relief from uncertainty.”

The model offered by Color is also intended to facilitate deeper participation by Teamsters members—who spend a significant amount of time away from home—and their family members as the tests can be done at the individual’s convenience no matter their location. The hope is that Fund members will develop a deeper understanding of their health status and risks to increase participation in their health and wellness. According to the announcement of the partnership, members of the Fund had requested access to this kind of genetic information after a number of them were denied insurance coverage for more traditional genetic testing methods.

“We are proud to join these the Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund of Philadelphia and Vicinity in supporting their hard working members,” noted Othman Laraki, CEO of Color. “This partnership further demonstrates the role that precision health programs can play in helping individuals, no matter where they are or their access to traditional health services, to change their health for the better.”

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