Bioinformatics for Multi-Omics Discovery at Massive Scale

Big genomic data visualization
Big genomic data visualization. DNA test, genom map. Graphic concept for your design

Seeking to illuminate bottle genomics in the use of genomic data Illumina announces the launch of Illumina Connected Analytics (ICA). This new and integrated bioinformatics package provides a comprehensive, private, cloud-based data platform that allows customers to manage, analyze, and explore large volumes of multi-omic data in a secure, scalable, and flexible environment.

Accessible through a web portal or through a rich set of APIs, ICA leverages technology Illumina acquired through its 2020 buyout of BlueBee to reduce extra work and possible human-error associated with combining multiple datasets, through a direct sequencer-to-platform transfer of data onto the private Illumina cloud. The new solution gives users the flexibility to run custom analyses and access options, such as Illumina’s DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform. Optimized for high-throughput, ICA also supports the complex storage, aggregation, and querying of multi-omic sequencing and array data from around the world.


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