Rapid Identification of More Than 400 Microorganisms from Positive Blood Cultures

Bacterial blood infection, computer illustration.

Bruker announces FDA clearance and the US launch of its MBT Sepsityper Kit US IVD for rapid microbial identification of more than 425 microorganisms from positive blood cultures on the MALDI Biotyper CA System.

The kit enables rapid identification of microorganisms from positive blood culture bottles. Harvested microorganisms are processed, and then identified using the MALDI Biotyper CA System, with a reference library that covers 425 different gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial species and groups, as well as yeasts, including Candida auris, an emerging pathogen for hospital-acquired candidiasis.

The MBT Sepsityper Kit US IVD workflow typically takes less than 30 minutes from a positive blood culture bottle alert to identification. The MBT Sepsityper Kit US IVD workflow does not test for resistance or antibiotic susceptibility. It rapidly identifies the microbial species once the blood culture system has detected microbial growth.

Bruker Corp.


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