Multiple Sclerosis Nerve Disorder illustrated as a head with neurons fluorescing in the brain and damaged neurons to the right hand side
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California-based healthcare company SEQSTER has been chosen to drive forward a ground-breaking U.S. research network that aims to improve the care of people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

The company will apply its cutting-edge data sharing platform and longitudinal patient records system to the MS Implementation Network (MSIN), which was set up last year by the MS Association of America, the University of Texas, and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

The MSIN was established as an innovative research program to identify the best management and treatment for MS.

SEQSTER will now use its technology expertise to further improve connectivity within the initiative and share data and experiences from people who have the neurological disease with researchers, healthcare professionals, and organisations in order to foster collaboration.

SEQSTER CEO and co-founder Ardy Arianpour, who last week joined the Inside Precision Medicine advisory board, said that harnessing the power of data and leveraging patient-centric approaches could create more effective and personalized healthcare for people living with the condition.

“Monitoring disease progression in MS is challenging due to the fluctuating nature of symptoms, making it difficult to assess treatment effectiveness,” he told Inside Precision Medicine.

“SEQSTER can track a patient’s data over time to identify patterns and trends. This information can be used to monitor disease progression and identify potential flare-ups early for patients.”

The company’s patient-centric technology aims to speed innovation in MS care by unifying people living with MS, researchers, and care centers across the country.

Applying SEQSTER’s innovative operating system to the MSIN data infrastructure will improve and innovate MS care by integrating clinical and observational findings from medical experts with the perspectives of people living with MS and those who care for them.

SEQSTER’s 1-Click Records longitudinal patient records system allows stakeholders to manage health records with just one click, allowing swift access to the information.

The company has established a strong pipeline encompassing leading global pharma, life science, and healthcare organizations and works with companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, AbbVie and Takeda, said Arianpour.

“Our innovative solution empowers both patients and researchers by seamlessly connecting health data points, accelerating drug development.”

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