The explosive growth of DNA-based diagnostics empowers us to take a closer look at our own health and to demand answers from healthcare providers to questions that have never been asked before. Even if we do not fully understand the clinical relevance of most of the genetic changes, the information that has been validated is significant enough to change the status quo of medical care.

It is only natural that mobile devices are tapped for their unprecedented power and flexibility to deliver physiological data and lab results when and where it is needed most. As the maturing world of mobile devices meshes with the rapidly emerging word of genomics and biosensors, medicine could literally be found at our fingertips. This powerful combination not only gives more tools to treat the existing conditions but could also shift medicine into a true preventative mode.

Some visionaries hypothesize that mobile data will eventually lead to the demise of brick-and-mortar hospitals. One such visionary, geneticist and cardiologist Eric Topol, M.D., advocates the widened use of wearable, wirelessly networked biosensors to advance personalized medicine. In his popular book, “The Creative Destruction of Medicine,” Dr. Topol even anticipates that digital tools could empower a consumer-led democratization of medical care.

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