Comprehensive Genomic Profiling in Lung Cancer

In this Inside Precision Medicine Webinar, our distinguished guest, Dr. Sandip Patel from UCSD, will discuss the importance of comprehensive genomic profiling in lung cancer and other solid tumors to direct optimal standard of care for cancer patients.

Harmonizing Spatial Biology and Immunophenotyping to Characterize the Tumor Microenvironment

In this GEN and IPM Webinar, our distinguished presenters, Dr. Robyn Broad and Dr. Martin Isabelle, will show us examples of patient baseline and post-infusion biopsies for multiple indications to demonstrate how they uses these analyses to quantify cell densities of subsets of infiltrating immune cells and observe cellular spatial patterns within the tumors.

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Building Bridges to Equitable Genetic Care

In TODAY's Inside Precision Medicine Webinar our distinguished speaker, Dr. Abdallah Elias will tell us about the innovative model that he oversees at Shodair Children’s Hospital.

Optical Genome Mapping for Enhanced Characterization of Myelodysplastic Syndromes

TODAY's webinar is intended to provide the combined perspective of an oncologist, Dr. Garcia-Manero, and a pathologist, Dr. Kanagal-Shamanna, on the utility of Optical Genome Mapping in Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS), a type of hematologic malignancy, based on leading research conducted by their groups at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling is Transforming Precision Medicine

A panel of leading oncologists from academic research institutions and community practices were invited to discuss the utilization of CGP in the clinic with Illumina’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Phil Febbo, as a powerful approach to personalize cancer treatment options following diagnosis. Register for TODAY's webinar and follow the fascinating discussion from the expert panel of clinical oncologists about this burgeoning area of Precision Medicine.

Optical Genome Mapping Meets Challenges for New Blood Cancer Classifications

In this Inside Precision Medicine webinar, sponsored by Bionano Genomics, our distinguished presenter, Dr. Adam Smith, will describe how Cancer Cytogenetics Laboratory, has evaluated optical genome mapping as a first-line test for hematologic malignancies specifically focusing on acute myeloid leukemia and replacing a legacy eosinophilic leukemia FISH panel.

Living in a Spatial World: Characterizing the Immune Environment in Tumors

In TODAY's webinar cohosted by GEN and IPM , our distinguished speakers will tell us more about the development and validation process of a high throughput, high-plex mIF assay to derive meaningful biological insights. Moreover, we will learn how advanced AI-driven image analysis can be applied to discover cell types, populations and morphological context. Our presenters will conclude by discussing how whole slide image analysis of the tumor microenvironment can provide insight into specific cancer types.

Single-Cell DNA Sequencing for Novel Cancer and Precision Medicine Analysis

In this webinar, sponsored by Mission Bio, our guest presenters, Dr. Todd Druley and Aaron Llanso will discuss applying single-cell DNA sequencing to MRD, clonal hematopoiesis (CHIP), solid tumor, and precision medicine.

Improving Immuno-Oncology Research Using Spatial Phenomics

In TODAY's GEN and IPM webinar, sponsored by Ultivue, our distinguished presenter, Dr. Keith Wharton, will discuss the utility of advanced multiplexing techniques to provide the much-needed insight affording a comprehensive study of cellular composition, cellular functions, and cell-cell interactions within the tumor microenvironment.

Automated Liquid Handlers: Optimizing Performance and Standardizing Verification

In TODAY's webinar, sponsored by Artel, we will review the factors you should consider when choosing an ALH, the different options at your disposal, how to optimize an ALH for your specific applications, and finally, how to manage the performance of your ALH with a routine verification program.

Can Genomic Surveillance Detect the Next Pandemic before It’s Too Late?

In this webinar, sponsored by Illumina, our distinguished expert guests, Dr. James Wood and Dr. William Haseltine, will discuss the current state of infectious disease surveillance, its strengths, and shortcomings. Moreover, Drs. Wood and Haseltine will provide valued commentary on the lessons learned from the current pandemic and what needs to be done to better prepare for the inevitable next outbreak.

Personalize Oncology through Therapy Biosimulation to Improve Patient Outcomes 

In this on demand webinar, sponsored by Cellworks, Dr. Scott Howard and Michele Macpherson discuss how outcomes for cancer patients can be improved by biosimulating patient responses to therapies before treatment using next-generation sequencing (NGS) and other omic data.


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