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New data from the INSPIRE study that is assessing the long-term symptoms and clinical outcomes of the COVID-19 virus has defined four phenotypes--or distinct symptom presentations--of Long COVID.

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Confronting Challenges in Developing Cell and Gene Therapies

If one word describes the market for cell and gene therapies, it would be: growing. But this market expansion depends on solving some challenges in the field. The obstacles these sometimes-miraculous treatments face include reaching more patients and achieving better biological targeting.
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Modeling Disease in 3D

How do researchers, looking to create more realistic disease models—along with more targeted therapies—overcome the shortcomings of these models? Increasingly, it is via the use of human organoids. Advances over the past dozen or so years in the methods for growing these three-dimensional models has resulted in a significant uptick in their use in precision medicine research.

Using the Epigenome to Guide Development of Gene Edited Therapies

IPM's Helen Albert spoke with Poulami Chaudhuri, PhD, the CEO and co-founder of Helex, about founding an international start-up during a pandemic, being a female biotech founder in India, the importance of looking at DNA in 3D when designing therapies, and the future of the company.

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Reclassifying a New Era in Laboratory Testing Regulation

With IVDR coming into force in the EU, there has been a lack of clarity as to what it means and whom it will impact. IPM spoke with Amélie Martinez, who has been leading Saphetor’s preparations for IVDR, to get some guidance on what the new regulation means for labs in Europe.
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Revolutionizing Biopharma Manufacturing with Fully Automated Droplet Digital™ PCR

From development to quality control and ongoing therapeutic evaluation, absolute quantification of nucleic acids can be the key to taking your biopharma product to the next level.
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How CAR T Therapy Reimagines Cancer Treatment and More

Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy, commonly referred to as CAR T therapy, is an intervention that uses a patient’s own cells to fight...

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