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Featured Solutions: Oncology/Therapeutics

Featured Solutions: Oncology/Therapeutics


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PerkinElmer chemagic™ 360 Instrument
The genomic analysis of large numbers of samples requires a reliable system for the automated isolation of DNA and RNA. Even the importance of viral nucleic aci...
InfiniumTM MethylationEPIC Bead Chip
With the Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip Kit, researchers can interrogate over 850,000 methylation sites quantitatively across the genome at single-nucleotide...
OncoSpan family HD833 cfDNA, HD832 FFPE, HD827 gDNA
The world's largest oncology reference standard with companion in silico data set. Have confidence in your cancer assay. Optimize your validation or monitor ...
12-plex Immunophenotyping Panel
With the advent of immunology-based strategies to combat tumors, single marker assays are not sufficient to verify response. This may be due to lack of proper i...
Armored RNA Quant® Respiratory Triplex Control
A single respiratory control which provides the reliability you have come to expect from Armored RNA. The Armored RNA Quant® Respiratory Triplex Control con...
Synthetic Matrix II HD917
The most flexible whole process reference standard for cfDNA recovery. Optimal synthetic matrix enables extraction recovery of cfDNA by multiple purification...
High-quality ADC target protein
Exclusive LIV-1 proteins: Multiple species: Human, Mouse, Cynomolgus, Rat, etc. Expression sequences were designed based on the SGN-LIV1A binding epitop...
NEXTFLEX® Variant-Seq™ SARS-CoV-2 kit
The NEXTFLEX® Variant-Seq™ SARS-CoV-2 kit simplifies the identification of SARS-CoV-2 mutations with an amplicon-based WGA workflow using ARTIC v3 primer poo...
Your Reagent Warehouse for COVID-19 Vaccine Development
ACROBiosystems remain committed to contributing to the efforts against COVID-19. To support the efforts of vaccine manufacturers, we offer and continuously upda...
Genomics Platform
Please note: BlueBee was purchased by Illumina in June 2020, request information below to learn about the combined offering. BlueBee enables you to configure...
Single-Cell Metabolome
The Single-Cell Metabolome solution measures functional energy states and adaptive resistance pathways. IsoPlexis’ multi-omics (metabolomics + functional prot...
Fortis Life
Custom Reagents and Services For Molecular Diagnostics
An effective molecular diagnostic assay requires custom enzymes, reagents, master mixes, and kitted solutions made under strict quality systems by experts you c...