Clinical Genomic Testing Service Companies Report Customer Base Growth

Clinical Genomic Testing Service Companies Report Customer Base Growth
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Companies providing services to facilitate genomic testing or result interpretation are finding many more new clients, reports from GenomeSmart and Wamberg Genomic Advisers show. This trend suggest genomic testing is taking a hold in the clinic.

The global genomics market is growing steadily, and is expected to reach between $25 billion and $40 billion by 2025, according to market analysts. One of the key concerns about the growth of clinical genomics is whether physicians will be able to incorporate these very complicated tests into their practices.  Firms have sprung up to meet that need, by matching patients to tests, or providing interpretation of test results. At least two of those firms are now reporting an uptick in demand.

GenomeSmart, is a Silicon Valley-based company delivering an AI-powered genetic risk assessment and test recommendation platform to improve access to genetic testing. This week they announced that NorthBay Healthcare, an independent nonprofit health system in Northern California, has selected the GenomeBrain Platform for a pilot program planned to improve the routine use of genetic testing in patient care.

“We’ve looked at many options to support our providers but the GenomeBrain Platform offered us more of the critical features we wanted plus gave us the ability to customize to our needs,” said Lori Muir, Northbay’s Oncology Services Director. “We’re looking forward to working with GenomeSmart to support our providers in better identifying patients for testing, efficiently tracking available tests, and speeding access to hereditary risk results.”

Also this week, Wamberg Genomic Advisors (WGA) announced that their Cancer Guardian program is now available to 250 thousand patients through more than 150 corporate clients thanks to a “Huge uptick in the number of key distribution agreements with major employee benefit brokers,” according to a press release.

Cancer Guardian gives members access to personalized cancer guidance, onsite nurse advocates, a second opinion pathology review, a digital medical records platform, and advanced genomic testing through the comprehensive cancer support program.  In addition, Wamberg Genomic Advisors also offers affordable access to advanced services, genetic testing and technology not typically offered by or reimbursed by health insurance.

Tom Wamberg, CEO of Wamberg Genomic Advisors, says “What truly matters is that thousands of Americans now have access to Cancer Guardian to understand their risk of cancer before it strikes.  In addition, members have immediate access to the most advanced comprehensive treatment should cancer strike.  As a cancer survivor myself, this company is dedicated to, and focused on, assuring that every American has access to the world’s best cancer services and support. We launched our company in 2017, began offering the program in earnest in 2018 – and 2019 has been the year that employers and brokers are starting to understand that this benefit has life-saving value.  It is the best way to significantly support cancer patients and families – short of being an oncologist.  Thousands of employees now have this benefit for 2020.  This is a great beginning – but only a beginning.”

Wamberg’s outlook is supported by Greg Nickett, VP & Sr. HR Generalist at Conning, a leading investment management firm. He says “Conning added Cancer Guardian to our benefits program to empower our employees to make decisions for themselves and their families about their health, and their future, based on genomic data.”