Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 2
Clinical OMICs Magazine: Volume 2

In 2009 Mark Boguski and colleagues published a paper entitled “Customized care 2020: how medical sequencing and network biology will enable personalized medicine.” In the paper the authors described a model incorporating these pathways, annotation of disease networks and drug targets, and simulation of therapeutic interventions with virtual drugs or with combinations of them.

The pathology report of the future, the authors said, will provide precision diagnoses that are at the core of personalized medicine and will be an interactive software tool for clinical teams to design a customized care regimen and monitor its efficacy during treatment.
Beyond cancer, noted Zhu et al. in their 2007 paper in Plos Computational Biology, molecular dissection of diseases such as obesity and diabetes will require a systematic approach to show how genes interact with one another, and with genetic and environmental factors.

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