MX Instrument for High-Throughput Molecular Testing

BD has expanded the BD COR™ System to include a new MX instrument for high-throughput molecular testing for infectious diseases. The system is modular and scalable, and designed to address multiple needs within laboratories for expanding molecular testing and increasing test volumes.

The new MX instrument is the final piece of the BD COR™ System, which also includes a PX instrument that can prepare diagnostic samples by automating appropriate pre-analytical processing steps and a GX instrument that can leverage the BD Onclarity™ HPV Assay with extended genotyping to screen for HPV infections.

The company claims the BD COR™ MX/PX System allows 1,700 specimens to be loaded, with onboard capacity for reagents and samples that provide more than six hours of unimpeded system processing and up to 1,000 sample results in 24 hours, eliminating multiple technologist interactions currently required per shift.


BD Molecular Diagnostics

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