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The Promise and Challenge of Molecular Diagnostics

Community Organizing Meets the Clinic


Traversing the Cancer Biomarker Labyrinth

One of the major roadblocks to successful biomarker development is an inadequate specimen procurement process. [Science Photo/Fotolia]

Exceptional Responders: The “N of 1” Paradigm

The NCI is funding research to determine whether outliers from failed clinical trials can reveal hidden drug development possibilities. [iStock/francisblack]

Prognostic vs. Predictive Biomarkers

Single-Cell Approach to Personalized Medicine

Figure 1. Method of sequencing samples from a JAK2-negative myeloproliferative neoplasm patient

Newborn Screening: Adapting to Advancements in Whole-Genome Sequencing

Experts have suggested that in the next decade large-scale sequencing for all healthy babies at birth is plausible. [Source: © Miroslav Beneda - Fotolia.com]

Playing Catch-Up with Data

Pharmacovigilance encompasses clinical care optimization

How Much Genetic Information Is Too Much Information?

Source: © marc hericher - Fotolia.com

Why the Controversy? Start Sequencing Tumor Genes at Diagnosis

Single-gene testing just isn't adequate anymore

FDA Announces Intention to Regulate LDTs as Devices

With the issuance of this new framework

Near or Far? Omics Data Management, Analysis, and Action

To make better use of genomics data

Honing Prenatal Screening Tests

According to Combimatrix

Smartphone Based Biosensors—Just What the mDiagnostician Ordered

University of Illinois researchers developed a cradle and app for the iPhone to make a handheld biosensor that uses the phone's own camera and processing power. [Brian T. Cunningham]

FDA Approves First Noninvasive Colorectal Cancer Test

Cologuard is designed to analyze DNA alterations and blood in the stool to detect the presence of colon cancer and precancers. [Exact Sciences]

Clinical Laboratory, Meet Molecular Diagnostics

To increase the chances of being successful

The Value of Present and the Promise of Future Sequencing Strategies

The first printout of the human genome as displayed at the Wellcome collection

Will Liability Drive Personalized Medicine?

Molecular Diagnostics in Cardiovascular Disease

Determination of an individual’s risk for severe arrhythmias before a life-threatening event occurs remains a significant medical challenge. [© kmiragaya - Fotolia.com]

The Future of Cancer Genomics

Comprehensive molecular profiles of the most common cancer types are now available. [NHGRI]

A Global Phosphorylation Assay

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Promoting Wellness and Demystifying Disease: The 100K Project

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What to Look for in a Clinical Next-Generation Sequencer

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Bringing Informed Interpretation to Vexing Variants

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Future Cancer Care: Anticipating “Panomics” with Bioinformatics

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