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Cancer Chemotherapy Patient Reading Smart Phone

New Drug Could Improve Response to Chemotherapy

A new compound has been discovered that disables a key DNA repair pathway involved In cancer drug resistance. The potential drug, found by researchers...
$100 Genome

Tempus Attracts $200M in Series F Financing, Bringing Total Raised to $510M

Tempus, a precision medicine technology company focused on collecting and analyzing molecular and clinical data, has raised $200 million in Series F financing, bringing...

Five-Year Super Successes in Genomics and Precision Medicine

Multidimensional, computationally rich approaches represent the next wave of innovation, taking personalized medicine to the next level, while demanding more of practitioners, who in...
The FDA has approved Myriad Genetics’ BRACAnalysis CDx as a companion diagnostic for Pfizer’s poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitor Talzenna (talazoparib)

FDA Approves Myriad’s BRACAnalysis CDx for Use with Pfizer’s Talzenna

Myriad estimates 60,000-plus U.S. patients diagnosed with or who progress to metastatic breast cancer could benefit from the CDx
Roche is signaling growing interest in personalized oncology treatments as well as diagnostics

Precision Play: Roche Acquires Foundation Medicine’s Outstanding Shares for $2.4B

Companies combining expertise in genomics and molecular data, aiming to enhance development of diagnostics and personalized cancer drugs
Tempus has raised an additional $80 million in financing

With $80M in New Financing, Tempus Plans Further Platform Growth

Company has now raised $210M in three years with plans to build the world's largest library of clinical and molecular data for clinical use
Finger with drop of fresh blood

DxTerity, City of Hope Collaborate on Test to Predict Efficacy of Radiation Therapy

The work is part of the RADIANT study to validate DxTerity's blood test for identifying patients likely to benefit from radiation treatment.

Gut Microbiome Diversity Linked to Slower Melanoma Progression

Researchers find that patients with more varied types of bacteria in their digestive tract had longer median progression-free survival.
Source: David Wong

Liquid Biopsy Thrusts Non-Invasive Molecular Diagnostics into the Clinical Arena

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Liquid Biopsy Thrusts Non-Invasive Molecular Diagnostics into the Clinical Arena

Clinical medicine stands at the threshold of a diagnostic revolution. At the current pace, advances in next-generation sequencing and molecular diagnostics could render the...


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