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NIH Commits $248M to Scale-Up Rapid, Advanced COVID-19 Diagnostics

The intent is to increases the country’s capacity to meet broader demand for testing in the coming months that is forecast to be millions of tests more per day than current capabilities.
Air-Dried Master Mix for PCR Applications

Co-Diagnostics Gets Enhanced Patent Protection for Technology Used in COVID-19 Test

The enhanced patent protection announced today includes the physical structure of the CoPrimer molecule, including broad claims that would include all configurations of a molecule with such a structure.
EM Coronavirus, causing SARS

Co-Diagnostics Seeks CE Mark for its COVID-19 Coronavirus Test

The test uses the company’s CoPrimer technology to detect the presence of ribonucleic acid (RNA) of the novel strain of coronavirus in a real-time RT-PCR kit that targets conserved regions in the virus genome.
Medic taking sample for coronavirus testing

ASU Launches Only Comprehensive COVID-19 Test and Testing Practices Resource

Arizona State University (ASU) announced the launch of Evidence Commons, the first and only comprehensive repository of published COVID-19 research focused on diagnostic tests and testing practices.
Concept of biochemistry with DNA molecule

The Evolution of CRISPR Technology from Editing to Diagnostics

The discovery of these new Cas enzymes really catalyzed researchers to investigate how CRISPR technology could be used in diagnostics and over the last few years several biotech companies have been set up to explore this potential.
Green and blue coronavirus cells under magnification intertwined with DNA cell structure

Molecular Beacon-Based Test Detects COVID-19 Causing Variants

Rutgers scientists have developed a test that identifies variants of the virus that causes COVID-19. This advance will be made freely available to other labs.
Coronavirus structure

Highly Sensitive Rapid COVID-19 Test Developed Using Synthetic Nanoparticles

Researchers at Newcastle University and MIP Diagnostics have developed a new kind of rapid COVID-19 test using synthetic nanoparticles instead of antibodies as receptors, which is more accurate and cheaper than current antigen tests.
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Vested Interest: Investing in Diagnostics for Precision Medicine

By Tom MIller GreyBird Ventures was founded with an exclusive investment focus in medical diagnostics. Specifically, we invest in precision diagnostics in which the...

Sherlock Raises $80 Million to Fund CRISPR-Based Diagnostics

Sherlock Biosciences has raised $80 million in a Series B financing round to support its next-generation diagnostics, which are based on CRISPR and synthetic biology.
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Valunomics: Key Lessons from Covid—We Need to Value Diagnostics

No one who works in the diagnostic industry was surprised that in the middle of a pandemic surge, diagnostics were in short supply. It’s because no one can build a product with an uncertain market, unknown demand, and unclear need. It is the basic market dynamics of supply and demand—a supply cannot be created for uncertain demand.