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Multiple osteolytic metastases seen on CT Scan of pelvic bone with both hip joint 3D rendering image

New Checkpoint Inhibitor Targeting Bone Metastasis in Development

A new type of checkpoint inhibitor, based on glyco-immune chemistry, is being studied to treat bone metastases at Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine.
PD-1 Antibody Targeting Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor

Germline Mutations Predict Toxicity to Checkpoint Inhibitors

To help classify patients ahead of checkpoint inhibitor therapy, investigators at UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have discovered a germline biomarker signature that predicts toxicity to the treatments with 77% accuracy.

Live Tumor Cells Damaged by Chemotherapy May Provide Boost to Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapies

The novel approach involves removing tumor cells from the body, treating them with chemotherapy drugs, and then placing them back in the tumor. When delivered along with drugs that activate T cells, these injured cancer cells appear to act as a distress signal that spurs the T cells into action.
Microbiotica will use its precision metagenomics microbiome platform in an up-to-$534 million-plus partnership with Genentech

Gut Microbes Affect Response to Checkpoint Inhibitors in Melanoma

Combining CTLA-4 and PD-1 inhibitors produces high responses, yet is often accompanied by immune-related adverse events. The field currently lacks strong biomarkers to understand which patients are most likely to respond to combined checkpoint inhibitors and which are most likely to develop severe toxicity to the treatment.   
Liver cancer, artwork

Liver Metastases Directly Suppress Effectiveness of Cancer Checkpoint Inhibitors

Patients who initially may respond well to the checkpoint inhibitors, such as those that target PD-1, can develop resistance to these therapies if their cancer has metastasized from its initial location to form additional tumors in the liver, even if their primary cancer was quite distant from the liver.
T-cells attacking cancer cell  illustration of  microscopic photos

Metabolic Imbalance Associated with Resistance to Checkpoint Inhibitor Nivolumab

Investigators at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in conjunction with researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, have discovered that a metabolic imbalance...
Immune checkpoint protein molecule, illustration

Checkpoint Inhibitor Generated by Synthetic DNA in Vivo

DMAbs may help overcome the roadblocks to targeting checkpoint molecules due to manufacturing complexities and the need for frequent dosing
T cells attacking cancer cells

Solid Tumor PDL1 Amplifications May Suggest Treatment with Checkpoint Inhibitor

While the number of patients identified with PDL1 amplifications was small, immune checkpoint blockade was indicated even absent PD-L1 high
Lymphocytes attacking a cancer cell, illustration

Novel Method Boosts Immune-Checkpoint Cancer Therapy

The research team focused on natural killer (NK) cells, and developed a monoclonal antibody to block a protein, KIR2DL5, on NK cells.
Medical: Sterile Urine sample and blood test

Biosensors Created to Detect Early Response to Immune Checkpoint Blockade

The biosensors track the activity of protease enzymes, which play a key role in T cell cytotoxicity and tumor biology, and are produced in response to treatment with anti-programmed cell death protein 1 (αPD1) antibodies.


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