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HALO Diagnostics and Ikonopedia Team up for Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

HALO Diagnostics and breast imaging company Ikonopedia have inked a genetic testing partnership to improve breast cancer detection and outcomes.
DNA strand and Cancer Cell to visualize cancer genetics

Four-in-Five Eligible Breast Cancer Patients Not Informed of Genomic Testing Options

A survey of patients with breast cancer conducted in five European countries found that four-in-five patients eligible for genomic testing are not told it is available to them.
Breast cancer, artwork

Genetic Biomarker Indicates Risk of Benign Breast Cancer Turning Malignant

A biomarker has been found that distinguishes whether ductal carcinoma in situ, a sometimes benign breast cancer, will become invasive.
Breast Cancer Asian Woman

Largest Genetic Risk Study in Breast Cancer Reveals Differences Between Asian and European Populations

In this analysis, the researcher included data from 160,500 women with breast cancer and more than 226,000 women of Asian and European ancestry.
Senior woman having a mammography scan at hospital

Earlier Mammograms Based on Family Breast Cancer History May Not Be Necessary

Current guidelines generally recommend screening women at average risk for breast cancer 10 years earlier than a relative’s diagnosis age.
Woman examining her breasts for cancer

New Target for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

A potential therapeutic target for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) has been pinpointed by researchers at Virginian Commonwealth University (VCU) Massey Cancer Center. Importantly, this target may be effective in black patients, who suffer disproportionally from the disease.
Low grade ductal carcinoma with positive estrogen receptor

Breast Cancers that Lose ER Expression Develop Treatment Resistance

About one-quarter of of recurrent estrogen receptor–positive (ER+) breast cancers lose ER expression making them resistant to endocrine therapy say researchers from Baylor College of Medicine.
3D image of breast cancer metastasizing representing HER2 breast cancer.

Researchers Discover How to Overcome Treatment Resistance in HER2 Positive Breast Cancer

Spanish researchers demonstrate the ability of a new therapy to overcome a treatment resistance mechanism in HER2 positive breast cancer.
Brain MRI Scan of Healthy Male  ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging) High Resolution

CNS Metastases Common in Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Previous studies have demonstrated higher rates of brain metastases in patients with inflammatory breast cancer, but detailed information is lacking.
Woman examining her breasts for cancer

Breast Cancer Recurrence is Low 10 Years After Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

A new study finds that the rate of breast cancer recurrence after nipple-sparing mastectomy (NSM) is low—only 3%—up to 10 years after treatment.


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