Event Date: May 24, 2022
Time: 11:00 am—3:00 pm ET


Targeted therapies are an essential aspect of the clinical arsenal against cancer, and their development and use in other disease areas are rising. Companion diagnostics (CDx) are increasingly being adopted to guide treatment decisions and provide vital information for a therapeutic’s safe and effective use. While targeted therapies and companion diagnostics work brilliantly in tandem, their development requires different skillsets and approaches. For a pharmaceutical or biotech company that is working on getting their therapeutic through the discovery pipeline, the early development of a translational biomarker is extremely valuable as they are effective tools for various data-driven decision-making points—something that many organizations either overlook or have divested resources to be able to focus on drug development. This is where a trusted partnership between drug and diagnostic developers is imperative.

Finding a trusted partner early, who has the expertise to drive success, and an innovative portfolio of technologies and services is the cornerstone of all great CDx development projects. Additionally, the right CDx partner should also have deep commercialization experience and the skill to navigate the current regulatory requirements. Finally, CDx have the remarkable power to connect a patient to the preferred personalized treatment option—the goal for so many precision medicine initiatives.

This Inside Precision Medicine summit has gathered an exceptional array of thought leaders to discuss the necessary criteria to get a successful CDx into the clinic where they can be used as they were conceived—helping patients better manage their disease. During this half-day event, we will address many of the challenges of CDx development, from commercial concerns to regulatory roadblocks. Additionally, our experts will provide insights into the latest trends and technologies driving CDx innovation.

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