Active Motif, Arima Genomics Join Forces to Provide Hi-C Service

Active Motif, Arima Genomics Join Forces to Provide Hi-C Service
[Source: Arima Genomics]

Active Motif, a provider of epigenetics tools and services announced it has partnered with Arima Genomics the launch of an end-to-end Hi-C service. The combined offering will provider researchers with broader access to this powerful technology to help them better understand the three-dimensional folding patterns of the genome.

San Diego-based Arima Genomics dubs itself as a spatial genomics company. Arima-Hi-C kits enable researchers to better understand chromatin interactions based on the folding, or misfolding, of genes affects gene regulation and expression and, ultimately the effects these have on the development of disease. Active Motif is a provider of epigenetics tools and services provider including ChIP-Seq and ATAC-Seg services designed to provide deeper biological insights.

“This is an important strategic collaboration for both organizations,” said Fritz Eibel, chief commercial officer of Active Motif in a press release. “There are several commercially available Hi-C kits and our validation has shown that the Arima-HiC+ kits provide superior data resolution, ease of use, and reproducibility. These requirements are essential to study genetics and epigenetics in both the biopharma and translational medicine settings where precious patient samples are investigated.”

The Hi-C method is used by the research community and multiple large consortia such as ENCODE and 4D Nucleome to investigate how genome folding and mis-folding impacts gene accessibility, regulation, and expression, and its impact on disease states. The agreement with Arima Genomics allows Active Motif to launch its end-to-end Hi-C service as an Active Motif Epigenetic Service targeting academic, pharma, and clinical researchers.

“We believe that the spatial genome information is an indispensable complement to the genome sequence when used for medical research, diagnosis, and therapy development,” noted Siddarth Selvaraj, CEO of Arima Genomics in a prepared statement. “In addition to our recent selection by the Wellcome Sanger Institute, this collaboration with Active Motif is a significant step in the company’s goal of delivering market-leading science and to democratize the access of this essential technology.”