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Aviva Systems Biology (ASB) said today it has acquired GenWay Biotech for an undisclosed amount, in a deal the buyer said would facilitate growth and enhance the capabilities of both companies.

“GenWay's 18 years of experience producing proteins, antibodies, and ELISA assays will nicely complement ASB's objective to become a leading provider of proteomic solutions,” ASB CEO Peter Jiang, M.D., said in a statement. “We see opportunities to expand both ASB's and GenWay's existing businesses as a result from this acquisition.”

ASB added that the acquisition will position it as a leader in product development, production, and services to assist customers with research and diagnostic needs.

ASB specializes in antibody manufacturing, including development of novel antibodies. To date, the company says it has manufactured over 50,000 antibodies against more than 20,000 human gene targets. The antibodies are designed to optimize proteomic assays, accelerate life science research, improve reproducibility, and discover novel protein targets.

Both companies are based in San Diego. ASB has additional offices in Beijing and Tianjin, China.

Established in 1998, GenWay maintains ISO13485 accreditation for the development, validation, and production of antibodies and proteins for use in FDA-regulated or CE-marked products.

The company’s GlycoSight LX11 Protein Glycosylation Assay is designed to rapidly screen proteins for glycosylation by running up to 16 samples per assay, with assay runtimes as short as three hours. Samples can be run in duplicate (8 total samples) or as single lanes (16 total samples). Plate-bound lectins bind glycans on sample proteins that have been conjugated with proprietary nanomaterials.

GenWay also offers clinical laboratory services in a CAP-accredited, CLIA facility.

GenWay services and products are offered to customers in research, diagnostic, and government institutions.

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