Biodesix to Acquire Oncimmune’s U.S. Operations

Biodesix to Acquire Oncimmune’s U.S. Operations

Genomic and proteomic blood-based diagnostics developer Biodesix announced that it will acquire the U.S.-based assets of Oncimmune a U.K.-based cancer immunodiagnostics and biomarker identification company. In the deal, expected to close in Q4 this year, Biodesix acquires the Oncimmune’s CLI-certified lab in De Soto KS and, along with it, exclusive rights to market Oncimmune’s EarlyCDT-Lung test.

According to an Oncimmune press release announcing the sale, the deal has the potential to provide proceeds of as much as $28 million over the next five years via achievement of specific milestones.

Biodesix has been building its portfolio of lung cancer diagnostics tests both internally and via acquisition. Last July it acquired Integrated Diagnostics and it’s Nodify XL2 test, a blood-based method for classifying pulmonary nodules by measuring proteins to identify lung nodules that have a high probability of being benign. The company markets its VeriStrat proteomic prognostic test for lung cancer.

As the lung cancer diagnostic solutions company, Biodesix works alongside physicians to solve complex diagnostic challenges from early diagnosis of lung nodules through late state cancer,” David Brunel, CEO of Biodesix  told Clinical OMICs. “The integration of EarlyCDT-Lung into the Biodesix product portfolio will expand our nodule management portfolio to provide comprehensive blood-based diagnostics for the majority of incidentally found lung nodule risk classifications. The Nodify XL2 test is designed to help rule out malignancy in patients with low-to-moderate risk incidental lung nodules.  Meanwhile, the EarlyCDT-Lung test helps physicians rule-in patients with moderate risk incidental lung nodules who have a higher probability of cancer.”

For Oncimmune, the deal helps it achieve a critical mass in the marketing of EarlyCDT-Lung in the U.S. via an established partner in the market—and one that has a complementary diagnostic portfolio.

“Like us, Biodesix is committed to delivering solutions that span the continuum of care, but importantly, focuses exclusively on lung cancer,” noted Oncimmune CEO Dr. Adam M. Hill in a press release. “This agreement is designed to accelerate access for EarlyCDT Lung into the US market and creates a compelling new commercial partnership in lung cancer management.”

In addition to its existing use for the detection of lung nodule, both companies see high potential for EarlyCDT Lung as a potential screening test for lung cancer. This potential was demonstrated recently with the release of data from Oncimmune’s Early Cancer Detection Test–Lung Cancer Scotland (ECLS) study. The 12,210-patient research effort to demonstrate the utility of EarlyCDT Lung for this application met its primary endpoints. Full results of the study are set to published in peer-reviewed publication by the end of the year.

According to Oncimmune, the ECLS study for early screening has the potential to unlock this potentially lucrative market in the U.S. and in other regions of the world. Both companies have also agreed to collaborate on strategic initiatives designed to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients.